Residential Internet Access


Fast download and upload speeds with no caps on downloads. You can download as many movies, music and more with no additional charges. We have a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and even offer services for mail and web hosting, all for a low monthly price.

Internet Access Accounts Include:

Feature DSL dialup
Max download speed 5 mbps 56K
IP Address dynamic dynamic
Mailboxes 5 with 3GB 5 with 3GB
Additional boxes $5/box with 3GB $5/box with 3GB
Setup Charge FREE* FREE*
Monthly Price from $45.00  $15.00
* Setup charges do not include in-home installation.
DSL Packages include modem rental with 2 filters. Modem replacement will be charged at $69.00
Prices are valid for a one year term and must be accompanied with application by first and last month deposit.

Switch your internet today and start downloading with no worry about usage charges.

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